Companies choose Reboot for Managed Cloud services when they:

Require secure access to their systems and data from any location and device, around the clock.

Concerned about the security and performance implications associated with transitioning to cloud-based services.

Seek a dedicated team to oversee their hosted assets.

Desire to eliminate costly on-premises servers, hardware, and software.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Powerful options for Adaptability, Expansion, and Strength

Cloud File Hosting

We offer a secure and compliant storage solution for your SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365 files, reducing the need for physical hardware and promoting collaborative work environments.

For Business that:

  • Require the ability to remotely access and collaborate on files and data.
  • Need storage solutions that can grow with increasing data volumes.
  • Struggle with managing file versions, making it difficult to track changes and ensure document accuracy.

Cloud File and Application Hosting

Apart from your files, we have the capability to host crucial business applications such as Microsoft 365 and others.

For Business that:

  • Encounter slow application performance or frequent outages with in-house servers.
  • Require scalability to handle growing user demands for applications without costly hardware upgrades.
  • Worry about the expenses associated with maintaining and updating on-premises servers.

Virtual Desktops

Employees gain the flexibility of accessing their desktops from any location at any time, facilitating remote work and ensuring consistent functionality across various devices. Additionally, virtual desktops are centrally controlled, simplifying the management of security, compliance, and updates.

For Business that:

  • Require specific functionalities for managing data, monitoring activities, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Seek to centralize the deployment and updating of software, simplifying management duties and maintaining uniformity across devices.
  • Desire to streamline desktop management processes, enabling IT teams to effectively handle tasks like patching, updates, and issue resolution.

Considering a move to the cloud? While it offers many benefits, it’s important to recognize that the process isn’t always straightforward.

Moving all your technology requirements to the cloud may seem like a simple and cost-effective solution to provide your team with the necessary tools for their tasks. However, transitioning some or all of your IT services to the cloud is a significant decision that requires a well-thought-out technology strategy to make informed choices that align with your business operations.

The expertise, capabilities, and knowledge to help you Accelerate.

Alignment with Strategic Objectives

Receive personalized guidance from a strategic advisor to ensure that your technology plans are in line with your organization’s most critical strategic objectives.

Responsive and Competent Support

Access top-tier support from a team of skilled technology professionals.

Cost-Effective and Predictable Expenses

Minimize capital expenditures by opting for transparent pricing models that eliminate unexpected hardware costs, unforeseen expenses, and ongoing maintenance charges.

Data Protection

Benefit from the secure hosting of your data assets in high-grade data centers, managed by our expert staff and compliant with regulatory standards.

Simplified IT

Partner with a proactive team that streamlines your IT infrastructure, reducing complexities and resolving technology-related challenges.

Enhanced Productivity

Enable employees to securely access organizational systems and data from any location, at any time, and on any device, boosting overall efficiency

Enhancing Your IT Capabilities, Opening Doors to Growth

Discover Other services to help your Business Accelerate:

Managed IT

Access our comprehensive and proactive IT management solution offering unlimited support at a fixed rate. This service encompasses technology management, help desk support, network administration, and the guidance of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Explore Managed IT

Managed Cybersecurity

Benefit from Reboot’s Cybersecurity Stack powered by DataGuard (A Reboot owned company), comprising 24/7 monitoring and threat protection. This stack ensures peace of mind, compliance adherence, and minimizes the risk of cyber threats.

Explore Managed Cybersecurity

Data Backup & Recovery

Reboot’s process and recovery plan optimized over 20 years to safeguard your critical data, enabling swift recovery within to minimize downtime and resume operations promptly.

Explore Data Backup and Recovery

Managed Network and Voice

Reboot’s tailored Network and Voice solutions offer budget-friendly, fully supported modern phone systems. Benefit from hassle-free setup, comprehensive features including disaster recovery, and responsive support, ensuring uninterrupted communication and enhanced resilience for your organization.

Explore Managed Network and Voice

Our approach to technology empowers your business to Accelerate

Many firms offer laptop setups and infrastructure management services. However, to effectively address today’s complexities, you require more than just a standard vendor providing basic troubleshooting with tickets to nowhere. You need a proactive partner who anticipates and prevents issues before they arise. This is where Reboot steps in.

Reboot helps business leaders streamline IT out of sight, out of mind, and out of your way.

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