Companies choose Reboot for Managed Cybersecurity when they:

Are worried about meeting cybersecurity regulations.

Lack tools to gauge their cybersecurity status or defend against ransomware.

Seek to bolster their internal security staff.

Lack an internal security team, hindering threat detection and cybersecurity issue resolution.

Have suffered a data breach and are uncertain if hackers have exploited stolen data.

Managed Cybersecurity Features

Effective Cybersecurity, Streamlined

Guardian Absolute

We keep your end users secure.

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For Businesses that:

  • Require adjustments to meet expanding criteria for cyber insurance eligibility.
  • Aim to enhance employee skills in recognizing cyber threats.
  • Seek to reinforce their internal security teams.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Comprehensive security management for end users and local networks.

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For Businesses that:

  • Are expanding and face significant risks from potential data breaches.
  • Possess internal IT teams struggling to adapt to evolving compliance laws.
  • Require strategic cybersecurity advice to navigate challenges effectively.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A comprehensive security solution designed to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

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For Businesses that:

  • Seek continuous strategic cybersecurity support to navigate their complex environment effectively.
  • Are large businesses burdened with numerous cybersecurity needs surpassing their internal IT capacity.
  • Deal with intricate regulatory obligations.

DataGuard Decide

Decide the tools and solutions that meet your requirements.

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For Businesses that:

  • Have distinct requirements highlighted by an audit or assessment
  • Require internal cybersecurity experts to tackle identified deficiencies.
  • Operate under budget constraints but seek to enhance cybersecurity incrementally.

The expertise, capabilities, and knowledge to help you Accelerate.

Rapid Deployment

Our efficient Managed Security onboarding swiftly enhances your protection, preempting cyber threats.

Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

Ensure your organization’s safety with round-the-clock monitoring by our Security Operations Center.

Mitigated Organizational Risks

Utilize our cybersecurity tools, protocols, and industry standards to Guard against cyberattacks, ransomware, and data breaches.

Reduced Employee Liability

Prevent cyberattacks at their source with Web Content Filtering and Email Protection, while Cyber Awareness empowers employees to detect and prevent cybercriminal tactics.

Enhanced Visibility, Enhanced Resilience

MDR consistently surveils your network for potential threats, bolstering your proactive cybersecurity stance.

Multi-layered Security

Benefit from our comprehensive cybersecurity services, incorporating multiple defense layers to prevent threats, address human factors in security maintenance, and aid in organizational resilience post-data loss.

Enhancing Your IT Capabilities, Opening Doors to Growth

Discover Other services to help your Business Accelerate:

Managed IT

Access our comprehensive and proactive IT management solution offering unlimited support at a fixed rate. This service encompasses technology management, help desk support, network administration, and the guidance of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

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Managed Network and Voice

Reboot’s tailored Network and Voice solutions offer budget-friendly, fully supported modern phone systems. Benefit from hassle-free setup, comprehensive features including disaster recovery, and responsive support, ensuring uninterrupted communication and enhanced resilience for your organization.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Reboot’s process and recovery plan optimized over 20 years to safeguard your critical data, enabling swift recovery within to minimize downtime and resume operations promptly.

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Managed Cloud

Our cloud IT services encompass the deployment of cutting-edge technology, regular security updates, maintenance, and upgrades to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

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Our approach to technology empowers your business to Accelerate

Many executives are led to believe that the more you spend, the more secure you will be. However, McKinsey research shows that some of the companies that spend most on cybersecurity programs fall short compared to the rest of the market. At DataGuard, we ensure you make the most of your investment by thoroughly understanding your business needs and allocating your budget where it is truly needed.

Reboot helps business leaders streamline IT out of sight, out of mind, and out of your way.

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